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What We Do

At EZProdDev, we're a specialized product development agency dedicated to turning innovative ideas into market-ready products across various product categories and through diverse supply chain processes.

How It All Started

Our evolution from strategic sourcing and sales to becoming a partner in product development is marked by continuous adaptation and growth. EZProdDev leverages decades of experience to offer comprehensive solutions that encompass the entire product lifecycle. From ideation and prototyping to contract manufacturing and fully automated product development, our history reflects our dedication to supporting hardware startups at every step.

Meet Our Founder

Behind EZProdDev is a vision that resonates with the entrepreneurial spirit of every innovator. Our founder, Drake Wu, embodies this spirit through a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of the hardware startup ecosystem. His leadership ensures that EZProdDev is more than just a service provider — we are your partner in innovation, dedicated to mutual growth and success.

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Our Story

At the core of EZProdDev lies a mission crafted in 2006: to transform visionary ideas into market-ready successes. Originating from the expertise and industry insights of PWI, EZProdDev has evolved to specialize in bridging the gap between innovative concepts and their realization. Our journey is defined by a commitment to partnership, innovation, and turning entrepreneurial dreams into commercial triumphs.

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